Building and embedding system on PC


I’d like to ask about x86-bios-bsp. Is it possible to compile bsp and use PC as a target “embedded” system. I’m not interested in photon. I’d like to compile system and bsp and run it on PC. How to achieve it? I tryied to find some example or how to on qnx site but I couldn’t. I found documente about building embedded qnx system but I still don’t know how to solve this problem.
I’ll be gratefull for help


You can use any QNX install to build a PC target. You don’t really need a BSP. By default there is a build file in $QNX_TARGET/qnx6/x86/boot/build/ This will build you a minimal boot image for a X86 machine. You will then have to add in the drivers you require for a filesystem, networking and such. Use “mkifs” to build the image and then copy it to “/.boot” or /.altboot" on your disk when complete. The loader will prompt you to press “esc” to load the altboot. I recommend leaving “.boot” as a safe image and use the “.altboot”.

Also if this is a fresh disk you will need to create a partition and init a QNX filesystem on it first which you must do from a QNX host machine.