chroot jail for FTP, having problems

I’ve set up a user, who has access to FTP. In /etc/ftpchroot I set it up so the user was chrooted to his homedir, this works fine except that the user cannot use /bin/ls. I put in a bin directory into his homedir which contains ls, but it still reports:

550 /bin/ls: Function not implemented

put and get works fine, so how can I give the user access /bin/ls so that he can see a list of his files?



well, as it says: function not implemented.
if you are a commercial user, you should talk to your sales rep to push QSS to implement this.

You need a “dev” directory (with some crucial components) in the chrooted environment, which is not as easy to create in QNX as in other Unix (mknod). eg: /dev/pipe under QNX6 is created by /sbin/pipe, but “use /sbin/pipe” doesn’t say if I can make it to create /chroot/dev/pipe

Another solution is to use free alternatives. I recommend pure-ftpd, you can download the QNX package from … public.qpr

Don’t use the pure-ftpd from the 3rd party CD, that is broken…

I tried PureFTPd, but I think your last line explains a lot… I’ll try again.