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Curious about remote debugging :question: :question: :question:

question I
Is it doable with one license to do remote debugging? I purchased one license of qnx4 because I did not realize I may use remote debugging through two computers.
This one license allowed me to install qnx4 on two computers separately with computer1 assigned node1 and IP, and with computer2 assigned node6 and IP By this way I can ping/ftp/telnet each other with no problem. However, when I followed wd manual run “tcpserv” on computer1 and run “wd /tr=tcp; 198.9.800.1 app” on computer2, it showed “TASK NOT LOADED”.

I also made a serial cable, which has some special consideration on wiring, to try remote debugging, ended up with the same result “TASK NOT LOADED”.

So, does qnx4 remote debugging must requires 2 license? or some other reason caused remote debugging failed?

question II
Is it allowed to use qnx6 momentics platform (on pc2) to remote debug qnx4 target app (on pc1)?

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TASK NOT LOADED – doesn´t this mean your app has to run before you connect your debugger?

I assume TASK NOT LOADED means the remote target app on pc1 is not loaded by the debugger on pc2. I just don’t know why it does not work since I follow every step on Watcom Debugger Guide.

According to Watcom Debugger Guide, to do remote debugging, for example remote debugging through TCP/IP connection, the steps should be:

PC1> tcpserv
PC2> wd /tr=tcp; app

where, on pc1 you run tcp server first, on pc2 you type “wd” to run watcom debugger and connect to pc1 through path “/tr=tcp;”, and load the program to be debugged “app”. is the IP assigned to pc1, though you can assigned any IP address to it.

Actually, Watcom Debugger is a very good debugger, though it is quite old. The better way to use is to run debugger in photon. PC1 can not run photon. This is why I have to run it on pc2 and debug app on pc1 remotely.
Also, it is explicitly claimed that watcom debugger support remote debugging in qnx.

Watcom Debugger Guide is at … __BookView

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