qnx 6.3.2 installation on free disk

Hi everybody,
I’m new here and about qnx.
I downloaded qnx Momentics 6.3.2 linux host, but i’d like to install it on
a free hard disk on my box.
Some help?

The first thing to note (forgive me if you already know this) is that the Linux-hosted version is a development system; in order to run your programs, you’ll also need to get the Neutrino (self-hosted) version of QNX Momentics and install it on another machine or in another partition. Installing it on a separate machine is better, so that you can run your application on the Neutrino box and control/analyze it through the IDE running on the Linux box.

The thing that you downloaded is an ISO, so you need to burn it on a CD or use some program that emulates a CD. Then, you should be able to install it as described in the installation note.

If you’re just getting started with Neutrino, I suggest you take a look at the Quickstart Guide, which you can find on the QNX website. It will take you through installing QNX Momentics on your development host (it uses Windows) and your target, connecting them, and using the IDE to create and run a sample program.