ftp and shmem?

Hi! I´ve install a QNX 6.3. I setup ftp server and when i connect to the system i can´t view the content of the folders.
Whats the problem with that?


I think you are missing some Permissions then.

But what is about shmem? ^^

about permissions theres no problem there are folders with all permisions and i can´t view it. What could be the problem with shmem?

err, i still do not understand your problem with shmem, you never mentioned anything about shmem.

Check the following please:
Create a directory and grant all permissions. ( mkdir temp && chmod 777 temp )
Then create a file in there and grant again all permissions. ( touch tempfile && chmod 777 tempfile )
Then create another file and grant just user and group permisstions. ( touch anotherfile && chmod 770 anotherfile )

Right after that connect via ftp and check that directory if a file is visible.
If just the tempfile is visible your ftp-account is not mapped to your system account, this means you just see files which
have permissions for all other to view.

If no file is visible i think you have some misconfiguration in your ftp-server.

I can´t see anything ooorg. How can i setup to mapped the ftp account to the file system. Ohhh i remebered that is qnx 6.3 but the filesystem is qnx 4.


Did you mean something important by this?

That is done with the /etc/passwd file. The user:group set in the passwd file is the one you run with when you login to ftp. If the files you want to read are readable by this account, then you should be able to download them.

This is not important at all. You are correct that QNX 6.3 uses the same file system as QNX 4. It is a POSIX conforming file system. It is also the native file system (if there is such a thing) for QNX 6.3. Since its structure was well designed in the first place, there was no need to rewrite it for QNX 6.

Do you mean files under /dev/shmem aren’t visible with ftp?

/dev/shmem is not a full featured filesystem and some functions don’t work on it. For example, if you copy a .gz file to it and try unzip it the unzip will fail. That caused us some unexpected troubles and we had to mount a separate ramdisk as a workaround. Maybe ftp is running into one of the unimplemented features.