Problem with booting QNX !

I’ve got a problem with QNX. I’ve installed QNX 6.2.1 NC. After install it worked properly. But after reboot, system hangs up at message “Hit ESC for .altboot”. It doesn’t show any dots, indicatig that system is loading.
When I boot from a QNX CD it doesn’t show the “F1 - Boot from Hard-disk” option. Ranish Partition Manager shows a 0x4F(?) partition (AFAIK it’s a QNX partition). I don’t know how to fix it. I don’t want to reinstall the system. Please, help me !!!

boot from CD - it will mount your HD under /fs/qnx4…

  1. check presence of “.diskroot” there
    if none present - create it there (it should be empty inside)
  2. check size of “.boot” and “.altboot” - these are kernels - if they are not present - try using dinit -f /boot/fs/qnxbasedma.ifs /dev/hd0
    to init the disk

Did you try to hit Esc as soon as prompt printed?

I would say you can just ‘cp qnxbase.ifs /.boot’ or ‘dinit /dev/hd0t79’, but ‘dinit’ of /dev/hd0 very often isn’t good idea at all.

Thanks You all very much, but it didn’t work. I’ve reinstalled system and all is ok.