I Hope This Place Is Going To Wakeup Now That QNX Is Open!

I remember earlier this year when I made posts, no one would ever reply, this place was so DEAD! :open_mouth:

NOW I hope that QNX has made their source public and a open source project that this place is FINALLY going to come to life!

WoOT! :laughing:

What makes you think it will change? Also note it’s not an open source project.

By the way there are a few of us out there that makes 3 to 5 posts/replies a day. I wouldn’t call this place DEAD.

The most important thing I see is hobbiest being able to use this RTOS free of charge. So it is possible
that this will be completely new to them. QNX should really take stock in this as I think it is the best way to get
there name out there. So while some might be contributing every day, I say hold there hand (if you will)
and get them started. I am new and learning a great deal but still having some trouble with the target booting process.
I posted last month or so about basically getting QNX up and running and it had 500 or so views.

I will say thanks to those that have anwsered,

Afaik hobbiest were able to use QNX a long time ago for free. It actually is an Open Source Project ^^, but not in the manner of the FSF/OSS definition.
They just opened their source to allow transparency in development, it still is not free to use/change/distribute.
Err, i do not remember this place being DEAD, it may not always be a answer in 24h, but there were answers everytime i asked something :slight_smile: