ISA pc/104 driver

I’M porting QNX Neutrino 6.3 in DIMMPC-520. And I had some troubles when accessing devices via ISA Bus PC/104 16 bits. Should i need a driver for ISA Bus?
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Is this deja vue all over again? Someone else just posted a similar question. They thought they needed a driver for the PCI-ISA bridge, which might well be right. Usually the BIOS takes care of setting up the bridge, but with an SBC that might not be.

My DIMMPC-520 architecture uses ISA bus to access peripheral devices. In my system, i must access one register has been mapped its address into I/O address as 0x310. First time, i tried to access it using in16 and out16 but not successfull. I thought i must need a specific ISA bus driver to do this operation. But now, after many tests, it will be fine again(accessing 0x310).