measuring network performance under QNX?

I have to do some TCP Benchmarks on my embedded PowerPC system running QNX.
I don’t find any programs to do a simple tcp benchmark. Unter Linux I know Netperf or something like that. Is there any program for QNX which is able to do that?
Or does somebody have a minimalistic code example how to do that?

why not just get a big file, copy it back and forth a few time and see how long it takes?

Because I have to measure the performance depending on packet size, udp performance and so on. Much more than simply upload an file.

Recently, we did some tests with the NETIO tool:

You have to compile the sources for QNX, which isn’t a big thing.
(Tip: remove the NETBIOS stuff)

  • Peter

Thank you, I’ll try it

I think “ttcp” is in the release?

I tried to compile the netio sources using QNX 6.3.0 SP3 but it didn’t work.
The steps I did are

  • just to use the “make” command
  • to compile the netio.c with “gcc -O -s netio.c”
    I also removed the Netbios stuff to follow the tip from Peter.

The last error message is always something like
netio.c:785: storage size of `addr_local’ isn’t known

Can somebody give me detailed description how to compile the sources?


With this kind of programs I usually try to create a QNX C project in Momentics. To build netio, you need only the netio.c with some modifications in the defines and includes (Tip: take the UNIX part of the conditions and #include <arpa/inet.h>).

Edit: and add the socket library in the Linker/Extra libraries tab.

  • Peter

ttcp (test tcp, not to confuse with ‘tiny’ tcp ip stack) works for me.

Thank you very much, Peter!
netio is running now.