Intel Integrated Performance Primitives


Does anyone know if its possible to get Intel’s Integrated Performance Primitives running on Neutrino?

My guess is that it might be a “moderately involved” recompile - assuming the source code is available (which I am currently unable to locate).

Has anyone looked into this before, or know of a library set that provides similar functionality for QNX?

Brent Tweddle
MIT Space Systems Lab

To my knowledge sources isn’t available.

What section of the library are you interested in. There are good library out there but they may no be as optimized as this.

I’m looking for a wide range of functions for an open ended research project, but nothing specific.
I’m most interested in the computer vision/image processing and related functions, but also would likely need signal processing, matrix and vector operations, compression and other linear algebra type stuff.
However, speech processing and compression are probably not relevant.