first hd - windows, second hd - QNX

I have PC with 2 hard disks. On the first one I installed windows 2000. On the second one QNX. When I boot the QNX message ask me what partition to boot from. Unfortunately it shows always one partition (1). If in bios the boot hd is 1, the windows is loaded, if 2, QNX starts.
I don’t know what to do to see both active partitions and have a choice.
I have only primary partirions.
Maybe someone can help me.
Thanks in advance.

If there are two harddisks you can choose with F1 for hd0 and F2 for hd1
For partitions you can choose with 1 for partition 0 and 2 for partition 1
Other than a GUI-based bootloader you do not get a selection widget or similar.

It works.
Thanks o lot