Looking for devc-ser8250 source code (mark/space parity)

I’m looking for devc-ser8250 source code from QNX 6.3.2.
/and I’ll be grateful for any links;

Or: Do you know the differences (if there are any)
between 6.3.0 SP1 and 6.3.2 devc-ser8250 source code ?
/I’ve found serial ddk (QNX 6.3.0 SP1 release),
which contains the source files for 8250 serial driver;

I have to set RS-232 to 8M2 @ 9600 bps,
but standard devc-ser8250 driver does not allow
(who knows why???)
to set mark / space parity
even though most harware supports it
and there is PARSTK in termios structure:

PARSTK - Stick parity (mark parity if PARODD is set, else space parity)
qnx.com/developers/docs/6.3. … rmios.html