Remove "exited status"

When i run a command, it always return an “exited status”. How can i remove it?
Thanks for every advices.

Every program returns an exit status when it completes. I think you might mean that you see the text “exited status” when you run a command from the shell? Is that right? This is not the standard behavior for the default shell. Maybe you have set an ENV variable to cause this? What shell are you using?

I’m using ksh(Korn shell) now. Could you tell me more details?
Thanks so much

I don’t know how to tell a Korn shell to display the exit status, but if you post your ENV variables as follows:

$ set >afile

I’ll compare them with mine, and maybe we can track this down.

There was an post on sendreceivereply, the verbose output on exitstatus is caused by a
procnto -v in your buildfile (at least this could be the cause ^^)