Interrupted function call when doing ls -l

When I do an ls -l on a directory it is coming back with interrupted function call, but when I redirect the output to a file it works.

Can anyone tell me what causes the interrupted function call to be returned when doing this and if there is a fix for this.

something is screw up with the console maybe, terminal setting are bad? Just a guess.

Are other command such as sin working properly or it’s just ls?

What if you do ls -l >file and then cat file, does the error shows up when catting the file. I have seen something like that when a 03 (CTRL-C) ended up in a corrupted file name.

The sin command is working fine, and when I do other commands they are ok.

When I do the ls -l >>file it works fine.

I meant to say that the ls -l >file works fine.

and what about cat file? (after doing ls -l >file)

The cat file contains the list of all the files.

Since “ls -l > file | cat file” does not interrupt, try some other commands please.

(same as marios but inline)
ls -l | cat

file ls

try “ls -l” in another shell

The implication is that some text, probably a screwed up file name, is causing the interrupted call.
By viewing the output of “ls -l >file” in an editor, it might be obvious what the problem is.

It has something to do with number of files. Whenever I go to long listed files ls gives same type of response in my system and when the list is limited I dont get any such message.