Problems using phditto

I have the following problem with two computers, computer A and computer B.

Both are connected with qnet. From computer A I can start phditto on
computer B but from computer B I can not start phditto on computer A.

What could be the problem?

I have started inetd and in inet.conf I have activated phrelay, in both

The conection with qnet is ok in both. I am using 6.2.1 NC

Thank you very much

What type of error do you get and please specify the command line you are using to start phditto.

With QNX6 you don’t actually need qnet since phditto is built on phrelay (like Phindows).What you need is tcpip. Uncomment the phrelay from /etc/inetd.conf and start inetd. Then just do…


cmd: he mention he already activated phrelay in both computers (I’m assuming he did so by editing the inetd.conf file).

Can phditto use qnet, just like it can under QNX4?

drodrigueza: I would double check that you really modified inetd.conf and restarted inetd (or sent it a signal to reload the file)

I have activated phrelay editing inetd.conf in both computers.
I have in rc.local inetd launched.

As I explained you in my last message, I have two computers whose names are:

ACU_NLES: That is computer A
RIMSAT1 : That is the computer B

When I start:

#phditto RIMSAT1 (No problem at all)

When I start:

#phditto ACU_NLES
Phditto - Ready
Phditto - Accesing ACU_NLES

And no more, it hangs and after some seconds ended. I dont get any error message.
Computer RIMSAT1 can use phditto with more computers that we have in the same net connected, but no computer can use phditto with ACU_NLES.

So, it seems to be a problem in ACU_NLES. I have inetd and phrelay
activated. I dont know if could be an installation problem??

b]UMM, it seems to be an error of net configuration?? I can also not
use telnet in ACU_NLES. But I have qnet and internet…[/b]

I give you what I get with enum-devices -n:

rm /etc/system/config/graphics-traplist
echo devgt-iographics >/etc/system/config/graphics-traplist
echo devgt-iographics >/etc/system/config/graphics-traplist
echo devgt-iographics >/etc/system/config/graphics-traplist
pci-bios &
waitfor -t 5 /dev/pci
rm /etc/system/trap/unknown
echo bridge bus=pci ven=1106 dev=3057 class=06 subclass=80 progif=00 subven=1106 subsys=3057 >/etc/system/trap/unknown
rm /etc/system/trap/unknown
devc-par -p0x378 &
waitfor -t 5 /dev/par1
spooler -d/dev/par1 &
rm /etc/system/config/graphics-traplist
echo devgt-iographics -I0 -d0x5333,0x8d01 >/etc/system/config/graphics-traplist
echo devgt-iographics -I0 -d0x5333,0x8d01 >/etc/system/config/graphics-traplist
devc-ser8250 -u1 3f8,4 -u2 2f8,3 &
waitfor -t 5 /dev/ser1
waitfor -t 5 /dev/ser2
devc-con &
devb-eide cam quiet blk auto=partition eide dma,ioport=fc00 &
devb-fdc cam quiet blk auto=partition,cache=100k &
io-audio &
mount -Tio-audio -opci=0 /lib/dll/deva-ctrl-via686
io-net -ptcpip &
mount -Tio-net -opci=0 /lib/dll/
mount -Tio-net -opci=1 /lib/dll/
waitfor -t 5 /dev/socket
waitfor -t 5 /dev/socket
waitfor -t 5 /dev/io-net/ip0
waitfor -t 5 /dev/io-net/ip0
netmanager &
netmanager &

If you need more information or there is something more I can do, please
let me know.

Thank you very much

ok you can’t telnet, that’s interesting. Can you manually start “inetd -d” and post the output when you try to telnet or phditto into the machine?

In one direction (the direction that works), starting phditto in one
machine, in the other apeears:

someone wants phrelay
accept, ctrl 3
974880 execl /usr/bin/phrelay

Bit with the other one, nothing appears!! The same with telnet.

I hope it helps. If there is something more I can try, please let me know…
It seems to be as if in one direction there are no conection or communication between both machines, but no problem with the other one…

drodrigueza: On ACU_NLES check whether the servers are running “netstat -n” should list ports 901 and 21.

On ther machines check whether ACU_NLES has corresponding entry in /etc/hosts since you seem to be using the name. try using the IP address and see if it works.

I thought “phditto -n /net/remote/dev/photon” works…

xtang - it might now, but in the past I have always had to have phrelay running.