Python2.3.4 on sourceforge.


I see there is a port of Python 2.3.4 on source forge.
I downloaded it and it installed without complaint. But it wont execute. I get “Exec format error”. The permissions are fine and ‘files’ says it looks like a QNX4 executable.

Has anyone run into this?


Which file you downloaded? Can you give the URL?
Maybe it is for QNX 6.
What version of QNX do you have? Run “uname -a” and post the result.


Thanks for the reply. The file I downloaded is from … p_id=13694. its the “Python for QNX4.25” and “Python-2.3.5”. My version of QNX4 is a fresh install from the July 2003 CD so its 4.25.

I copied the exe to QNX6 and tried it. I got a lot of “8: not found and -]: not found” . It doesnt look like a QNX6 file.
What is the cause of “Exec format error” . Ive seen it before, but cant remember .


Looks like it may be a corrupted package.
Check with the packager Konjkov Vladimir and let us know what you find out.

I’ve done that, Vladimir replied with a corrected binary. Which works!
He will update sourceforge soon.

Thank you all…

upload corrected version

Thanks KBOB!

Does anybody know how bind Python to Sybace-5 under QNX? Does anybody need it?


Does anyone here know how to untar the “Python-2.3.5.tar.F” Neither on WinXP nor in Linux was not able to extract the contents. No information exists online as well for tar.f handling.



You need to ‘melt’ the file first before untarring it.

Freeze/Melt are QNX commands which is why you aren’t finding them in windows/linux.


Thanks for the input. I managed to install python 2.3.5 on my QNX 4.25 box.

I am not sure if I can get GCC to work on QNX this simple.