Atheros WiFi: devnp-ath


I have a system with the Atheros AR5212 WiFi chipset. Â I found instructions on
how to use this with io-pkt-v?-hc and some source in the network tree under
trunk/sys/contib, along with a ref in sys/ but have not
figured out how to build devnp-ath.

Can some kind soul help me out?

Thanks a bunch,
-KenD [Ken.Dickey at]

I can’t help much, but here is what I can tell you.

  1. go into trunk/sys/dev/ath and remove Makefile.dnm
  2. install uudecode on your system

Hope this helps…

Thanks much, but I have uudecode and no Makefile exists in trunk/sys/dev/ath.

Perhaps there is some other code I need to get? [I followed the public instructions to get the networking source. I have a non-commercial licence].

Thanks much,

Ah! I was looking in sys/contrib/dev/ath :wink:

Builds AOK! Hey, I am reponding on QNX rather than having to reboot Linux.

Thanks again,

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