QNX Windows with Photon graphics drivers

I’m trying to get QNX Windows up and running with Photon graphics drivers using the gr.phi interface, but without much success.

We are using QNX 4.25, QNX Windows 4.21B and the qwinph package dated 970708. In addition, I have installed the following files from the Photon installation package:

I have so far attempted to use the “safe” graphics mode (640x480, 16 colors) with the Pg.vga4 driver, as suggested in the Photon installation guide.

After running crttrap (and doing some manual editing), the /etc/config/trap/crt.1 file contains just the following line:
vesabios.ms -i0x12; Pg.vga4 -HNqnx/crt -g640x480x4 -A0xA0000,0x10000 -WB80
and the command “crttrap query” confirms this.

Now, to test all this I’ve used the following commands:
export PHOTON_PATH=/usr/photon
gr.phi &

According to the documentation, gr.phi should spawn the appropriate Photon graphics driver when QNX Windows requests a switch to graphics mode and I can confirm that the modeswitcher (vesabios.ms) is executed since the LCD screen indicates a switch to 640x480, but then nothing else happens…just a blank screen.

So, then I tried just the following commands:
export PHOTON_PATH=/usr/photon
Pg.vga4 -HNqnx/crt -g640x480x4 -A0xA0000,0x10000 -WB80

and got these error messages:
Name locate failed: No such process
Could not connect to : No such file or directory

I’m guessing that “name locate failed” refers to the fact that “vesabios.ms” (which registers the name qnx/crt) is not running. But I don’t understand what the “Could not connect to” message refers to. I get the same errors even if i manually start gr.phi first.

What am I doing wrong? I have seen several members of this forum mention that they have this kind of setup up and running, and that you should be able to use the gr.phi interface without actually running the full Photon.

“name locate failed” means you don’t have nameloc running.