xinetd anyone?

need a binary of xinetd for qnx4

anyone know where I can find it?
may be it’s for QNX4 too.

thanks - but it mentions Solaris, Linux, BSDi, and IRIX - but no qnx4

anyway it’s the source code, we need an executable because even if it’s a trivial port we don’t have the qnx4 development tools for tcp/ip so couldn’t attempt it - in fact if anybody else fancies trying we will pay for someone to port it

I’ve found a couple of mentions that someone in poland has already done it but can’t find anything more than that

send me a letter

trying to send you an email kbob but it’s bouncing - ‘file too large’ which is odd coz it was only 2/3 lines of text - maybe it’s just that your mailbox is full cannot access mailbox /var/spool/mail/kbob for user kbob.
error writing message: File too large

you can contact me on

I take a look on the source code. It’s not a trivial to port xinetd to the qnx4.25. Why do you want to use it? What version of IP-stack you used in QNX? Most problems are IPv6 and RPC(remote procedure call) functionality of xinetd.