FTP Error Code 530


I’m new to QNX and when I tried to access the FTP Server from a Win2K machine, I got the following error msg:

Connected to
220 FTP server ready.
User ( roger
331 Password required for roger.
530 User roger may not use FTP.
Login failed.

I’ve created a user account for myself and I’ve uncommented the “ftp” in “inet.conf” file. Any suggestions?

Have you got a valid login shell? FTP will likely refuse access if you do not. You might also want to check /etc/ftpusers users which are disallowed access are in there.If you’ve changed your login shell, make sure it 's the full path to the executable, i.e. /usr/bin/bash, rather than just ‘bash’.



As Garry said, you need to make sure the user’s shell is listed in the /etc/shells file.

Thanks Garry. It’s working perfectly now. All I had to do is to add the /usr/bin/bash under etc/shells. Don’t know why QNX doesn’t have Bash Shell.

Roger :laughing:

The bash package could update /etc/shells when it is installed. And I have contemplated adding that…