SJA1000 driver


We have an Advantech PCM-3353 PC-104 board, where we have plugged a PCM-3680, which is a sja1000 based CAN bus module. I’ve downloaded the sja1000 software from, and I’ve installed both and (using make and make install). Once I got sure both of them were in /lib/dll, I compiled the examples of the repository, and started the driver (io-net -d sja1000 -p rawcan). /dev/io-net/can_can0 was created, and the examples seemed to work fine (testtx transmited zero data, because it was connected to nothing, and testrx got blocked at the ‘select’ command, waiting for a message).

The same day I put the hard disk in other PC (exacly the same type, but another one), and it didn’t work. /dev/io-net/can* was not created. I compiled and recompiled, and I don’t know how, I got to make it run again. However, the following day (today) I switched on the PC again, and I’m not able to make it work properly.

Here I copy what I have done. Please, tell me if I miss something, or if I’ve done something wrong, or if I had to customize the code for my device.

io-net -d sja1000 -p rawcan

ls /dev/io-net

en0 ip0 ip_en


Dec 19 17:00:54 5 21 0 run fault pid 1458189 tid 1 signal 11 code 1 ip 0xb0346a55 sbin/io-net

io-net -i1 &

[1] 1499175

mount -Tio-net1 /lib/dll/

mount: Can’t mount / (type io-net1)
mount: Possible reason: No such device
[1] + Done io-net -i1

ls /dev/io-net*

en0 ip0 ip_en


Grillo Solitario

Hi !!

I have a Janus Diamond Can Bus board and have exactly the same problem as you, but I have this problem from the first day I compiled drivers correctly and try to load.

Could you fix the problem?


I wrote a mail to the developer and he told me (inmediately) it was not so easy than just compiling and running. Give me your mail in a private message so I can forward you his answer if you want to.

Grillo Solitario


I have the same hardware and want to try to use the SJa1000 these, can you send me the code mentioned?



Hi! Im writing driver for sja1000 based hardware and have the same trouble under qnx 6.3. Please help me too :slight_smile: Thanks

Previous post is more then a year old ;-(