Making a Bootable Floppy QNX 2.21

I’m new to QNX and I need to make a QNX 2.21 bootable floppy were I can then install it on a older PC.
Where can I download documentation (manuals) for QNX 2.21?
Any help would be great. :slight_smile:

I don’t think the manuals are available for download anywhere.

Do you know on QNX2/3 you can follow the command with a question mark to get the command syntax?

Here’s the procedure for making a boot floppy as best as I can recall. Don’t take this as gospel, it is
unlikely to work without some corrections or additions on your part, but hopefully it will get you

DISCLAIMER - Be careful, double check your work, don’t hose your hard drive, I won’t accept any
errors for the info below.

  1. Format a floppy with interleave 1 with the fdformat command, something like fdformat 1 +1.4 s=1
  2. Initialize the file system, something like dinit 1
  3. Check and mark bad blocks, something like dcheck 1 +mark
  4. Create /cmds, /config, /netboot directories on the floppy with mkdir
  5. Copy the os image you want to the /netboot directory on the floppy. It will be something
    like cp /netboot/os.2.21atp 1:/netboot
  6. Make the image bootable: something like boot 1:/netboot/os.2.21atp +Floppy
  7. Create a sys.init boot script in 1:/config. At a minimum it should start sh.
  8. Copy sh and any other commands you need into 1:/cmds

Reboot, debug, fix, repeat.

BTW, that will get you started with a boot floppy but if you want to install it to a hard disk you’ll need some more stuff.
Disk drivers, password files, fdisk, etc. and it will have to be a supported type of hard drive and controller. Not sure how
old your target is.