ISO for target CD

Referencing the QNX Download pages in this site: Which ISO is the one to download, burn to a disk, and use to boot and load the target computer? I only want the target RTOS loaded, not the full development system. I wish to use x86 target with a non-commercial license for my personal training.

Any recent book suggestions for novice QNX developers?

Thanks for your time,

The ISO to download is the QNX hosted version. Sorry, I don’t know the name off hand. I’ve never noticed an option for a minimal load from the CD. If you want that, you really need two systems, one as the development system, and one as the target. You can put the development system on a relatively small old system for this purpose. I’ve used a PIII 500Mhz, and it works just fine. Doesn’t everyone have a few old pieces of iron like this lying around?

It’s hard to define what “just the RTOS” is. You could boot off of a hard disk, CD, or flash and have no real file system. Well you always get the load image file system, but you can’t do much with it other than load programs. So you could put everything in the boot image. That could be pretty darn small. If you want a file system, what you probably (but not necessarily) want a set of utilities to manipulate it, eg. cp, mkdir, chmod.

So the moral is, if you don’t like what the CD installs, you need to customize.