Wifi network operation

I used Orinoco PC card to realize wifi. And i got the problems:
1)How can i determine the source of the interrupt via in8()?
2)Why the Network Name(SSID), Channel, BSS Type fail to show the true values?
3)Are there any sample codes of dealing with network card available under QNX 6.3.2?

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Here’s the"nicinfo" output file:
[color=green]ORiNOCO 802.11 Wireless Ethernet Controller

Physical Node ID … 00022D 01B57F
Current Physical Node ID … 00022D 01B57F
Current Operation Rate … 11.00 Mb/s half-duplex
Active Interface Type … Unknown
Maximum Transmittable data Unit … 1514
Maximum Receivable data Unit … 1514
Hardware Interrupt … 0x3
I/O Aperture … 0x300 - 0x33f
Promiscuous Mode … Off
Multicast Support … Enabled

Station Name …
Network Name (SSID) …
Channel: … 4294967295
BSS Type … Unknown

Packets Transmitted OK … 803
Bytes Transmitted OK … 118649

Packets Received OK … 19366
Bytes Received OK … 2491016

If you want to use wireless, you are best off using io-pkt. The io-pkt stack source is beta and is released on Foundry27. It has very good wireless support.

Thx, rqallen
I learned that io-pkt does not support the Orinoco card. Anyway, the 2 machines can work properly under p2p mode. The display should not be a big issue.

There is a shim (devp-shim.so) that allows io-pkt to run io-net drivers. Glad it is working for you; still, io-pkt has a lot of the infrastructure to support wireless (e.g. wpa_supplicant, etc.).