Change the logical number of a nodo

Hy. I would like to know how to change the logical number of a node without re-istall te SO. I tried to do an upgrade but it didn´t work.

As I recall, this number is set up as a parameter to Proc in the build file. It probably just appears in the boot file in one place. You could just create two identical boot files, other than the node number, and cmp them to see which bytes you need to change. If you don’t have the build file you might still be able to figure out where the parameter is. I think if you view the top of the boot file you may see the text “Proc … =##” somewhere.

for QNX4.25:

make a backup of /boot/buildt/hard.#NODE and /.boot

Edit /boot/build/hard.#NODE
$Proc32 … -l#NODE (el)
goto /boot/
make b=hard.#NODE
cp images/hard.#NODE /.boot
change the extensions of the node independant files like crt or sysinit.