USB->Serial converter for QNX6?

Does anyone know of existing USB to serial converters that have QNX6 drivers available? Any info appreciated.

Interesting… For the often used FTDI chips maybe see: … _1_ger.pdf

After install, you get a virtual serial port, like: “/dev/ser100”, and use it as a standard serial I/O port.

If you test, please report.

That looks interesting but it looks like they don’t have an ARM version (which we need).
I’ll send them an email to ask. Thanks for the pointer.

But this is not available for all users right??? i have requested them for a username ad=nd password but i didnt get till now… :frowning:

I am using FT232RL IC in my project with QNX 6.4.1 can i get the driver for this plsssssssss

Hi Analyser.

I’ve received the driver sent by Triadem.

Could you tell me how can I install or use this driver in QNX Neutrino 6.3.2?

Actually, this is an evaluation driver.

I’ve executed the file (# ./devu-ftdix32-speed) and received the message:
“your devu-ftdix32-driver evaluation will terminate in 12 hours”.

Hello, could someone help me with this subject?

I have couple of these… … 6812203018

Seem to work with devc-serusb supplied with v6.5. This models uses “Prolific PL-2303” chip. (Also works well with Windows.)