MFC library to use in qnx.

I made static library(test.lib) to Microsoft Visual C++ for use in qnx6.3.

I coded it ANSI-C format.

So… is it possible to use in qnx??

If it is possible, how can make makefile?

Thank you for reading.

Just try it. Use one of your funtions declared inside your library and try compiling it under QNX (i doubt it will work).

gcc/ld documentation will tell you how to link to your library

MFC is not available on QNX6. Legally it cannot. Apparently Microsoft has a special license for MFC that prevent it’s usage on NON Windows platform.

As for the library it kind of work, the problem is that gcc puts a _ in front of fonction name while Intel and VCC puts it after _. I once manage to create .o file on Windows with Visual C++ and link them under QNX6, but I had to create stud function of every library call. Got VERY ugly.

Oh… then make object file(*.o) in qnx…

and include main project.

Thank you everybody!