Error: internal relocation (type 233) not fixed up (IMMED...

Hi, everyone.

I try to build IPL image with QNX 6.3.0 SP1.
When I compile a assemble source “start.S”, I met the error message like the below,
“Error: internal relocation (type 233) not fixed up (IMMEDIATE)”
Actual assembly code is “sub r0, r0, #CFG_MALLOC_LEN”.
When I modified #CFG_MALLOC_LEN to #0x1, this line became clear with no error.

QNX6.3.0’s gcc can’t support the macro defined constant value ?

Best regards.


I believe the issue is probably that it wasn’t finding a definition for CFG_MALLOC_LEN, and was attempting to generate a relocation for a variable, which didn’t make sense to it since it was expecting a literal constant.