QNX4 - Photon 1.14 - Application Builder (Need bigger Font)

Is there an utility to create your own font in photon? Basicly i’m looking for bigger font. The one by default are way too small event if the resolution is set to 640-480.

Perhaps neutrino font are compatible with QNX4@photon 1.14?

What point size are you looking for?

I used TrueType fonts on that version once (for the greek sigma character) so those may be another option for you.

Some are availabley up to 24 points. Utopia is available up to 64 points

I recall there is a implementation for TTF-Fonts as kwschumm mentioned, at least i think we implemented that at some point in our old app ^^

The font must be big enough to see the status dipslay from 15-20 feet on a work floor environment. I’m currently using Utupia 48 pts because interface doesn not allow to select 64 pts. Utupia is only available in BOLD.

I was hoping to get an utility that could convert windows font to photon. Or perhaps even purchase an additionnal font packages.

The other issue is we are curently using an 19 inch LCD display which could be replace by a wide screen display 30-40 inch.
If that happen then we won’t be able to use 640-480 and the font are going to be too small.

I have contacted QNX and they said we can tweak the video drivers to support wide screen display.

We are planning to migrate to neutrino but this process is very slow and probably not going to happen before next years. Is the font support better in neutrino? Can we just drop a text and resize it or we still have the same size limitation?

You can still use 30-40 inch monitor with 640x480.

There is no size limitation of fonts under QNX that I know of. I think it’s a matter for playing with the configuration.

There are tools out there on the interweb to transform Truetype font to PFR. Actually I remember using a tools under Linux to build my own fonts for Photon.

PFR fonts are scalable.