Good, Fast Video Card, QNX 6.3.2?

I’ve gone through my collection of video cards, and the best I’m able to do is the generic SVGA driver. Even on a NVIDA card I have (model unknown), crttrap selects the TNT driver, and all I get is unsynchronized orange screen on any of my six monitors.

So, what are people using that updates quickly, and provides larger screen sizes and maximum colors?


The Dell’s we have here at work all have the Intel I830 built in video card on motherboard.

This is supported under QNX and allows me higher resolutions and ‘good’ update rates (by good I mean I can scroll without using CPU cycles but I’ve never done any serious screen updating to know exactly how good the video chip is)


For the most part, just finding a card that has acceleration supported is sufficient. That usually means ATI or Matrox, although there are others. Personally I find old Voodoo cards (easily available on eBay) work pretty well. As has been repeated often, forget Nvidia. Most of the advances in video cards in the last dozen years have been in the area of the graphics engine or the interface speed. The graphics engined doesn’t affect performance on QNX at all unless you are using the 3D interface.

I believe the only 3D accel on QNX 6.3 is the Coral-P chipset. Good luck finding a consumer version of that.

Thanks for the replies!

I went to eBay and I’ve purchased two graphics cards to try, an ATI Radeon 9200 64MB PCI card and an ATI Rage 128. Anyone’s experience with these under QNX 6.3.2 and 6.1 (I still have reason to work in both) would be welcome!