I want to mount into my system, Can anyone show me how to do that?
Many thanks.

mount -T io-net

But i read that it is still an experimantal driver

thanks but it is not success.

I think it use io-pkt than io-net.

Can u tell me more.

Since i did not use it yet, i´m sorry i can´t. I just thought about devn* but its devnp* so you may be right with io-pkt.

io-pkt -dmsk

That’s it :slight_smile:

But I do not have io-pkt. I get Netwok Source from qnx, but when I compile I meet error. Can you tell me where to get io-pkt.

It is only available in source form. If you follow the instructions exactly it will compile for you…

Can you tell me where are instructions. I compile it in QNX, but i meet error. Can i compile in Windows.

Many thanks

I compile Network Source in QNX just which:
make CPULIST=x86 install.

The “core_network” project posted on Foundry 27, including full source of io-pkt.

If you just want to try out the binaries, there is a “milestone build 0” binary package also posted on Foundry 27, that you can download and just install the binaries.

( … ilestone_0)

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