how can enhace the refresh of PtRaw, 3x!

the os is qnx630sp3.
we use PtRaw to draw some data. if there is a dialog on the front of the ptraw and we move it sometimes, then the ptraw will refresh some regions automatically. so it will need some time for it . and some other mouse operation of button will can not respond immediately.
we think if there is some good way to reduce the time of refresh. I have seen the chapter of Raw Drawing and Animation. but I don’t know how to do it .


Draw to offscreen context. In PtRaw blit this context to screen.

Is this what the double buffer widget does?

If the mouse operation does not respond that means you PtRaw draw function takes too much time. It will be faster if you do it in offscreen context mode, but I don’t think that will solve your problem.

You may have to rework your draw function.