Slow response after 3rd pterm sesion opened


I am running a qnx 4.25 system and after I open up 3 or more pterm sessions the response time gets really slow.

As long as I stay below 2 pterm sessions the response time is fine.

Does anyone know what would cause this.

I am also using a dialup connection.

What is your hardware. My first reaction is this doesn’t make sense as pterm uses almost 0 CPU. Some other program may be running out of resources though, say memory.

1+1=2? 3 or more pterm sessions on a dial up? What are we talking about? Is the phditto between two nodes connected via dial up? If so, I would expect very slow response, especially if the pterms are actively displaying anything. I wonder how many bytes are in the display event that occurs when a pterm scrolls up a line? There are some strangely un-optomized things under Photon. For example, no matter how well accelerated a video card I use, If I scroll the help viewer by grabbing a scroll bar, with the help viewer window big, it is not very nice.

Its a pentium 3 eith 512 meg of memory, and a 40 gig hard drive.

Try running sac or get sysmon ( from qnx’s ftp site) that will show you which process is take up the CPU.