COM problem Phindows [Photon in Windows]

I’m using Phindows [Photon In Windows] version 1.20 on my Windows XP laptop and a while back for no apparent reason the serial function quick working. I can still enter an IP address and open a remote Photon secession but when I try to dial a remote QNX server, I get “cannot open com3â€

Look for phindows.ini under c:\windows

Mario, That is one place I did not delete the ini file. What’s strange is it didn’t come up in my search for Phindow files. But it did not resolve my problem. When I re-installed Phindows, I was prompted for the license (I wasn’t before) but I still get “unable to open COM3â€

Mike, if you say, that another application is using com3 without problems, does this application maybe block com3, even if this application is not running anymore?