re: How to configure QNX4 for USB printer HP LaserJet 1022n

hi all!

Does anyone know how to configure/install in QNX4 for a printer with USB comm port?
The particular model is HP LaserJet 1022n.
The usual documentation in the forum was using a printer with a Parallel port, which is already obsolete.


Its quite easy:

io-usb &
devu-prn &

and now you should have a new device /dev/usbpar0 . Just handle it like printing on /dev/par.

Some USB-Controllers do not work with QNX. Some devices also dont. But all HP printers I used worked.

thanks thue!

Unfortunately, i dont have the io-usb and devu-prn executables for QNX4.
Would you be kind enough to send or post it?

Can you also post your printcap, lpsrvr, and other related files needed for USB printer?

It’s an extra package available on QNX web site.

As for lpsrvr instead of using /dev/par1 you use /dev/prn ( i think )

As Mario wrote, you can get the USB Package at Just sign up and you will find them under “QNX RTOS v4 Downloads”
All other files you need are part of the QNX software. You should already have them. Maybe you can find newer in the same section, where you also find the usb stuff.