Silicon Motion SM722 Video Support


I am running QNX on a cPCI SBC from Concurrent Technologies. This card uses a Silicon Motion SM722 video chip, and the SBC manufacturer claims a maximum video resolution of 1280x1024. But when I look in the video driver list under QNX, the support is only for 1024x768 or less. Is there anything I can do to help QNX recognize the higher resolution modes?



Hi, we have a similar card and are running into the same problem. I tried configuring this manually, but the codeline won´t be accepted by Photon. We run 1280x1024 under QNX4, but QNX6 we still did not made it.

I saw some description in the online documentation that you can use a configuration file to set the video resolutions with the io-graphics command. Is that what you are referring to? I was going to try that. The link is at: …

Any other suggestions?