Hello all,

I have a need of retrieving files using the ZMODEM protocol through a TCPIP connection (Ethernet cable).

Do you know how to do it using QTALK application?

Furthermore, is it possible?

Another possibility is to code the ZMODEM protocol primitives and carry those ZMODEM data over the TCPIP, but I a not pretty sure if it is possible or not, or the ZMODEM protocol is serial-connection-oriented.

Many thanks in advance,

That doesn’t really make sense, ZMODEM is not a TCP/IP protocol. Why would you need that? It’s possible to write an application that would use ZMODEM to transfer data. However each end of the connection need to have a custom program.

That being said, why would someone need ZMODEM over TCP/IP. TCP/IP itself will take care of error handling, ftp would do just fine.

Basically I have to retrieve some information from a device that uses two ways of communication: modbus (for real-time monitoring) and zmodem (for file retrieving), and the physical interface is an Ethernet cable. The modbus protocol implemented is over TCP/IP, therefore I have assumed that the way to retrieve its files is done with ZMODEM over TCP/IP. I know that it makes no sense but It is what I think should do to get those files from the device.

They must have implement the zmodem into some sort of serial port emulation.

You will most definitely need the specification of the protocol.

search google for zmodem and telnet