QNX4 - Photon 1.14 (APPS Crashing)

Hello All,
Something weird is happening when I tried to copy/paste a group of widget.

I created a container which contains multiple widget then if I copy/paste it only show the container in the module tree.

Once i click generated - apps crashed

If i tried to reopen my project it crashed and basicaly i have to start from scratch. This is so annoying.

Anyone know about this bug? Any update available?

If I don’t use copy/paste then it worked fine but i have set the property on every single widget.

I tried also to import the corrupted screen into a new project and it crashed. So sad :cry:

As far as I know 1.14 is the latest one and I doubt it will every be updated. Make sure you have 1.14C. If you do you will probably have to live with this.

I got the lastest version. If the copy failed then you are toasted. The file is corrupted even if you didn’t save it.
There is a sigsev error on the console for appbuilder.