How to mount second IDE disk?


First I made my disk into fat32 form using the software PQ, and then I can find it in qnx OS, it was displayed as “/dev/hd1"and “/dev/hd1t12”, I mount it using the command"mount -t vfat /dev/hd1t12 /mnt/hd1”, and failed.

Then I give up the fat32 form, I made it to qnx4 form using the command “fdisk /dev/hd1” and “fdisk /dev/hd1t12”, and I restarted my machine, it was dispalyed as “/dev/hd1” and “/dev/hd1t77”, I mount it using the command “mount -t qnx4 /dev/hd1t77 /mnt/hd1”, failed too!

I do not know what’s wrong with it.

And when mount it displayed the error message “resource busy”.

Then it’s most probably already mounted. Look for it under /fs/

Only have a device:“cd0”

I think that if you try to mount /mnt/hd1 then /mnt has to exists.

Plus I don’t think it’s mount -t vfat but rather mount -tdos.

If you create a hd1t77 type did you use dinit on it?

No, it does not need exist, but of course, you wont be able to “cd” to /mnt if it doesn’t

Yup, that’s right “-t dos”.

Good point. Both “-tvfat” (because it is wrong option) and “-tqnx4” (because fs was not initialized) would have failed, without a dinit…