Data Aqcuisition Cards for QNX

I’m looking for DAQ’s fr PCI bus that i can use with QNX, which have QNX’s drivers. I’ve been looking for that a lot lately and I haven’t really found what i’m looking for. I need two types of cards,

Type 1:

  • PCI bus
  • 12 Digital I/O’s
  • 4 counters
  • 4 analog outputs
  • x analog inputs

Type 2:

  • PCI bus
  • 12 Digital I/O’s
  • 2 counters
  • 1 analog outputs
  • x analog inputs

Until now i’ve only found UEI and Sensoray cards, that hace drivers for QNX… hope somebody can give me information on this…

Also… is there any way to develop my own drivers for a DAQ that doesn’t have drivers for QNX?

I hope somebody can help me find some useful information about this… I would really appreciate it… Thanks!



Have you had a look at any of the cards offered by National Instruments/Measurement Computing?

I know they have QNX drivers for their PCI cards. I just don’t know if they have all the I/O you require.

We ended up using Ethernet based DAQ’s from LabJack (UE9’s which have the I/O you require). You don’t need any special drivers (just basic socket communications) to interface with them. The only gotcha is that you are at the mercy of ethernet in terms of speed of data acquisition which in our case wasn’t time critical (A 20 ms wait time was fine for us).


I’ve actually looked both of them. About the NI cards, they’re kind of out of my budget; and about the Measurement Computing, I didn’t find the drivers for QNX on the website, could you tell me where they are?

Thanks a lot Tim!

oh I’m sorry I forgot… actually timing does kind of matter in my application :s… so I don’t think the ethernet based card is going to work for me…

Thanks again Tim!


I just went to Measurement Computing’s website and I can’t find them.

That’s weird because a year or so ago we looked at their boards. We bought a USB one (we needed external boards) which didn’t have a QNX driver. I ended up writing a HID driver to interface with the USB device. In the end we went with Labjack because it was better/faster and the socket interface was a lot more reliable than a USB one.

But I do recall talking to their tech support when I was having problems and they mentioned having QNX support for PCI versions of their devices.

So you might want to contact them and ask if they are still supporting QNX.