setup network card(SiS900)


How to setup network card (SiS900 PCI Fast Ethernet) to speed 10Mbits and full-duplex mode? in network configuration via gui it always attempt auto-negociate speed(100) and duplex when i try to use dhcp. I tried io-net in console ( -d sis9 speed=10,duplex=1 -p tcpip) but does not work.



The command you entered via the console is correct.

How do you know it’s not working? Do you mean the card isn’t handling any packets at all or it doesn’t seem to be running 10Mbits and full duplex?

If my memory isn’t faulty, I seem to recall that 10Mbit, full duplex is an uncommon standard. Usually it’s 10Mbit, half duplex and a lot of hardware (including switches) only support 10Mbit in half duplex mode. If the switch you are plugged into only supports 10Mbit in half duplex mode you won’t be able to get full duplex.



you’re rigth about 10Mbit/half-duplex…
i see the results from nicinfo and it show me that current operation rate is 0 Kb/s half-duplex when i execute io-net (-d sis9 speed=10,duplex=1 -p tcpip) or if i changes to duplex=0. I neeed to impose speed=10 before to get ip address via dhcp.



If you just enter

io-net -d sis9

Does it not auto-negotiate 100 Mbits and then obtain a DHCP address?

Or is the other side of the connection really only 10 Mbit?

Normally the drivers start at 100/full and negotiate downwards trying 100/half, 10/full, 10/half until the other side accepts one of those settings. You shouldn’t have to specify speed/duplex unless the other side is a very old switch (or a new one with faulty negotiation speed)/machine.



in any situation io-net only set to 100Mbits. In Windows XP partition i can only get IP address via dhcp if i set speed=10Mbits. This is strange, but it works! The nicinfo show me this:

"SiS900 Ethernet Controller

Physical Node ID … 001558 B2C178
Current Physical Node ID … 001558 B2C178
Current Operation Rate … 100.00 Mb/s full-duplex
Active Interface Type … MII
Active PHY address … 1
Maximum Transmittable data Unit … 1514
Maximum Receivable data Unit … 1514
Hardware Interrupt … 0xa
I/O Aperture … 0xe400 - 0xe4ff
Memory Aperture … 0xea123000 - 0xea123fff
Promiscuous Mode … Off
Multicast Support … Enabled

Packets Transmitted OK … 0
Bytes Transmitted OK … 1620
Memory Allocation Failures on Transmit … 0

Packets Received OK … 0
Bytes Received OK … 0
Memory Allocation Failures on Receive … 0

Single Collisions on Transmit … 0
Deferred Transmits … 0
Late Collision on Transmit errors … 0
Transmits aborted (excessive collisions) … 0
Transmit Underruns … 0
No Carrier on Transmit … 0
Receive Alignment errors … 5036
Received packets with CRC errors … 29127
Packets Dropped on receive … 47"

the driver appears to negotiate to 100Mbit but i supose this value isn’t appropriate to work in practice.