WordPerfect .wpd files


is there a program under QNX to open/write .wpd files (WordPerfect)?
or if there isn’t that program can I emulate windows under QNX with bochs or another emulator and get a decent speed?

Thank you

I have found the program: Abiword.
I have tested the program and the wordperfect plug-in under FreeBSD and all look well.
Now the problem is that I don’t have a system to compile it under QNX.
Someone have tested abiworld under QNX with wordperfect plug-in?
If I can have only one “yes” I will try immediatly on one of my machines.

Thank You

Correct, Abiword does this really great… but… not on QNX. I am the maintainer but I’ve been in the military since the beginning of the summer and Abi for QNX got a bit behind. For the first time ever. AbiWord for QNX was compiled with pluginsupport… yesterday, when I was making the AbiWord 2.0.1 release for QNX. It’s still not very excellent working, but it’s “good enough” as it is ALOT better then the previous qnx release. 1.0.something.
Unfortunatly, I didn’t compile it with libwpd support, it should be rather easy to be able to get this going yourself if you feel like it.
I will be able to create a binary with more plugins sometime this weekend if you want, also fixup a few bugs I already know is apparant in the 2.0.1 release.

2.0.1 isn’t really released yet, It will go out in a few days, I don’t know how you can get the binary before that, wait for an annuncement on abisource.com