Mouse configuration file - Edition

Hello Everyone,

Somebody know which file (and his path) I can edit to configure my mouse by other way than photon, because I (try) use Qnx in a VMWare Virtual Machine on Linux and the mouse is really to speed even at lowest speed…

Thank You.

shouldn´t this be solveable via the VMWare Emulation Configuration?

If it is, I absolutly don’t know how?
I already had this problem with OpenSuseLinux - KDE, and edit config file was the cure…
Probably the best, because if i modify my VMware config, modification will probably impact all my Virtual Machine…
I just read few documentation about Qnx mouse config, but only speaking about photon graphic utility, no file editing till now…

Thank you for your time and idea.

I wonder if may /etc/system/trap/devi-rel-opts may be the relevant file. But im quite sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The problem is, this are reative values.

rel -G [1-5] - The Mouse Speed, set as in input-cfg from 1 to 5, with 1 the slowest and 5 the fastest.
rel -T [250-25] - The acceleration, with 250 the slowest and 25 the fastest (distance for max accel?!)
[“rel -W 1,5”," "] - Mouse wheel active or not

So i really wonder if you are able to set a lower speed there :slight_smile:

Thank You Micro, sorry not respond earlier, but…

I edit this file, but my values was at the slowest move.

Is it possible to divide Mouse tick’s? I don’t the way by which the Kernel interpret the interruptions (if it’s interruptions…)
Divide mouse refresh speed?

an other idea about VMware for this?

Any Idea are welcom.

Thank You.