Problem with graphics driver !


I’ve got a problem with TNT2 driver. I can’t set screen resolution to 640x480. There’s a total mess on the screen when I set a res and I need to wait 15 secs for screen restore. VESA driver works fine, but it doesn’t support hardware acceleration. I can’t try higher resolutions because I’ve got old monitor. I have 2 computers and want one of them with qnx 6.2.1 installed on.

I hope somebody can help me. I have no money to buy a new monitor.

Thanks in advance…

It is probably a timing issue. Not much you can do I am afraid. Try getting the updated vesa driver (story on, it is much much faster.

Or better still, get a different old monitor that is more flexible with it’s display modes. $5 should get you a 14". That way you’ll also be able to use 800x600 :slight_smile:

Take a copy of qnx with you to try-before-buy.