Can LINKSYS WET54G work under QNX 6.3.2?

I decide to purchase the WET54G(a wireless ethernet bridge) which claims no driver needed and work properly under Linux.

Has anybody used this product under QNX and appreciate your response.

Are you asking if you can boot QNX on the WET54G?

If so, I’d say (assuming that it still uses the ISL3893) it could definitely be done, and once done that the device would perform far better than the Linux based one (due to QNX’s superior ARM support).

If you are interested, here are some starting points:

Thank u, rqallen.
The device Linksys WET54G can convert any wired ethernet-equipped device to a high speed wireless networked device. So i think ISL3893 is not needed. Besides, the manual of WET54G said that it only needs some configure(p2p mode in my case) with the accompanied CD on desktops. Then i just need to install the card on my QNX target so that it can realize adhoc. Am i right? :question: