QNX as a router + DHCP Server

Would QNX make a good router?

  • Yup, you betcha!
  • Maybe, but it would be about the same as OpenBSD/FreeBSD, Linux, etc
  • No, are you nuts?
  • I have lasers for hands!

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Hello fellow QNXers,

I’m working on a little hobby project and I was wondering if I could get some advice/opinions and a little help too…

First off what do you guys think about QNX as a router?

I realize a lot of people are going to say it depends on your hardware but I’m running it on decent hardware:

1.1Ghz Athlon, 512MB ram, 20 gig hard drive, 2 x intel nics (I can’t remember the exact make but they are speedo-supported I believe)…

I think once I get it working I’d like to play around with tuning it a bit but… this is where I need a little help!

I’ve got this machine installed and running 6.3, I have a static address on the external nic (I’ll call this 129.128.xxx.xxx) and dhcpd running on the internal address (…

This seems to work just fine, I can surf the internet from the QNX box and my client computer on the 192.168.0.x network gets an ip address just fine, and I can ping and strangely enough the external nic’s ip address, so 129.128.xxx.xxx but not anything beyond that (nothing on that network or internet, etc)

I have ip forwarding turned on in the sysctl and I’ve played around with ipf.conf and ipnat.conf too but I can’t seem to get them loaded:

According to the user’s guide the command should be:

mount -Ttcpip lsm-ipfilter.so

and then…

ipf -f /etc/ipf.conf
ipnat -f /etc/ipnat.conf

but it seems to die at the mounting stage… I’m not at my machine at the moment but I believe the problem is that mount isn’t so crazy about -Ttcpip and lsm-ipfilter.so can’t be found… I found lsm-ipfilter-ipv4.so (or something like that) but again mount doesn’t like -Ttcpip…

So, any suggestions? I’ve racked my brain / forums / google / etc with no luck…



Here is a little ASCII art:

(129.128.xxx.xxx net & internet) -- a<QNX box>b -- c<Windows client>
a = 129.128.xxx.xxx
b =
c =

Are you running io-pkt or io-net?

Hey rgallen,

I think I’m running io-net but how would I check? Also, I read something about slay’ing io-net before I remount -Ttcpip?