Is there any port of Java for QNX available?

thansk in advance

Yes :smiley:

Yes there is :slight_smile:

It’s right here:

Your welcome in advanced :stuck_out_tongue:

is there any version that you van download for free? If so a direct link would be appreciated

what exactly is J9? is it a add-on to eclipse? Will I be able to compile standard (non graphic) java applications with it? using* or* ?

It seems to small to include that stuff, do I have to add those libraries myself from a standard jdk installation?

j9 is a jvm with all the required class libraries to run non-GUI java applications. You can add in prsnlqnx.jar and get AWT and/or use the org.eclipse.swt stuff to do SWT gui work.

I am not sure if that j9 tarball includes j9c or not for compiling. If it doesn’t then you can just use jikes or the java compiler built into eclipse.


can I just use the built-in J9 comming with QNX Neutrino 6.2.1 to run Eclipse? Or - if else - where can I found a free downloadable J9 distribution (riled about the confusing IBM page… :imp: ) without getting the wssd?


Where can I find this prsnlqnx.jar?


Can anyone point out a link to this prsnlqnx.jar, I’ve looked all over the place! I’ve got the rest of Java working, just not AWT.

On another note, anyone got RealPlayer working on QNX?

Thanks a lot.


It used to be on cdm’s machine at for a copy.

Thanks for the reply, I got the qnxrtp.iso file off … qnxrtp.iso which I believe is the 6.0 ISO, which has VAME, and RealPlayer, if anyone is interested. Can’t get RealPlayer to work yet though.


I’m trying to use AWT under 6.3.0 beta and have added the prsnlqnx.jar to classpath and can build the project but when I try to run I get a security exception : Package name not allowed - ‘java.awt’

It seems that the j9 ClassLoader uses a function checkClassName() and throws a security exception if it starts with java?

Nevermind. You just have to append the prsnlqnx.jar to the bootclasspath with the -Xbootclasspath option.


In a message previously it was mentioned that one could get prsnlqnx.jar by contacting cdm. That was a while ago so I’d presume the jar would be available by other means now rather than bothering him. OK. My problem is that I am modifiying an application written a few years back for J9 on QNX. The developers used AWT and used the implementation in prsnlqnx.jar. So I am modifying the code and want to see what it looks like on 6.3 since we would like to use that instead of 6.2.1. But whether it is the app itself or just vanilla test code I cannot see the fonts, and when I try to list the font names to find out if I am using invalid fonts I discover that the version of prsnlqnx.jar that comes with 6.3 does not have the java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment class. So the situation is the app displays but no text anywhere. I presume I need a more complete prsnlqnx (note the version for 6.2.1 did have more classes including GE but will not work under 6.3).

Can anyone help ? Is there a more complete version of prsnlqnx.jar ?