qnx version

I am using qnx 4.25. I am accessing qnx box available to me remotely using kermit( K95). I have few very simple questions, which I find difficult for qnx but am familiar with their linux counterparts.

  1. How can I know version of my qnx so that I dont believe what I am told and can be sure it is indeed qnx 4.25
  2. How can I set my core file size to unlimited as I am not able to use ulimit -c unlimited here. and I see no response (not even error) for ulimit -a
  3. Can any body send me a link for details of using gdb after installing it as I dont see gdb installed on my qnx box but from googling I think I can use it here.

Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards

You can see the version of the kernel and drivers etc. on QNX4 using:

=> sin ve

You can also use the following command to get some info:
=> uname -a

I am not sure if GDB is available for QNX4. We are using the Watcom compiler and debugger. You have to buy them separately…