How to install opencv on QNX

[size=200]Hello, I am trying to install opencv on QNX for real-time image processing. In fact, I will only use the image processing functions of opencv in my project. I am a beginner of QNX and opencv. I copy the opencv files for Linux to the QNX and write a simple program, when I build the program in integrated development environment; there are a lot of errors. If someone has done it before, could you give me some suggestions? This is urgent! Thank you![/size]

I am struggling with similar problem right now. I bought IntelIPP libraries for Linux and trying to link them statically but have a resolving problem. The libraries are in elf-i386 format and do not call system functions, hence should work. I read a thread on Intel Forums and there was a guy who succeeded doing so. If you have a progress please let me know!

The fact they are elf-ie86 is no a guaranty they will work. What sort of resolving problem are you getting?

Try using objdump to look at the symbol in the shared library.

I succeeded to link and use them. They are great and useful tool for image processing.