run photoan application from shell prompt


I have developed an appllication in Appbuilder. I am running the application from appbuilder. Where the exe is stored?
Can I run it from terminal window?
How this can be packaged to install and run in any other PC?

Can any one tell me?

Thank you.



If you have compiled and built it with PhAb, then it will probably be some like YourApp/src/gcc_x86/YourApp, that’s off the top of my head, but it’ll almost certainly be somewhere in your Project folder/src.



As gman says, in case you have an x86 computer, you have it in

As with other programs or applications you can start it from a terminal
or you can start the process from another program you have written
in C, for example.

To use it in another computer, you can just copy the folder with all files
to that computer and to start it from that computer. In you have qnet,
you can also start the new application from a remote computer,…etc, the same as with any other application in QNX.

I hope it helps.


Thank you.

I got it.


To package your application as a QNX Package, look into the utility “packager”, it will let you create a .qpr (qnx package you can install with the installer).